Instructional Support Services

Please click on a provider's name to be taken to their website (Not all providers have set up a website)

Kendra Dinger - Significant Support Needs Teacher

Christine Mustain - School Psychologist

Alejandra Chavez-Stuart - School Counselor

Annie Basham - School Social Worker

Steve Whited - Moderate Needs Specialist

Alejandra Darocha - Moderate Needs Specialist

Lauren Diamond - Speech/Language Pathologist

Matt Weidner - Occupational Therapist

Carly Wise - English as a Second Language

Educational Assistants:
Amanda Linsacum - General Classroom
Carolyn Berta - General Classroom
Jessy Rollain - General Classroom
Donna Valeriano - General Classroom

Rachel Lemon - Significant Support Needs
Christian Linton - Significant Support Needs

Molly Parker - Significant Support Needs