Reading and Writing Lesson

       Welcome To Your Child's Reading and Writing Lesson

Fluent Writing Practice

Before my 30 minute lesson begins, I get to write some words on the white board.  I'm learning to write 

important words as fast as I can so I can write them in my stories.  It's fun to write on the white board. 

Reading Familiar Books

In every lesson every day, I get to read lots of books.  I get to pick some of my favorite stories that 

I have read before.  This is easy for me. I try to read my book like a story and make it sound 

like people talking.  


Phonics I also work on learning about letters and letter sounds.

  I like to move the magnetic letters on the board.  They help me understand what I am learning.

Writing a Story

Every day I get to think up my own story to write in my writing book.  I can write lots of little words

 all by myself.  My teacher likes my stories and helps me work to figure out how to write some of the words.  

We use boxes and I say the word slowly so I can hear the sounds.  I write all the letters in the boxes

 by myself.  I like to read my story when I am done.

Cut-Up Sentence

I read the story and my teacher writes it on a long strip of paper.  My teacher cuts up my story so I can 

put it back together.  I have to think real hard to get it all back together. 

 Then, I have to check myself to see if I got it right.

New Book Introduced

I like this part of the lesson best!  My teacher picks out a new story just for me and tells me what the 

story is all about.  We look at the pictures and talk about the story together. 

New Book Attempted

Now it is my turn to work hard again!  When I come to a hard part my teacher will help me use the letter sounds and the story to figure out the word.  My teacher is trying to 

teach me to do all the things that good readers do.

Book Bag Books

Every night, I come home with several books and a cut-up sentence that I need to do.  It is important for 

me to read you my book two times and glue down my cut-up sentence in my cut-up sentence book.  

The book bag needs to be brought back to school everyday with my book in it. I will also bring home a new 

word to practice with magnetic letters and practice writing the word 5 times each as well as sight word 

cards to practice each night. If I forget to bring the book back, I don't get to take another one home.