Unit 1: Multiplication & Division of Whole Numbers
In Unit 1, your child is learning how to multiply. Help him or her think of multiplication as
joining equal groups. For example, 5 × 2 is 5 groups of 2. So, 5 × 2 = 10. They are also learning that repeated addition can be turned in to a multiplication equation.

Example: 5 + 5 + 5 = 15 so 3 groups of 5 is 3 x 5 = 15.

Your child is also learning how to divide. Help him or her think of division as sharing equally.

For example, 42 , 7 can be thought of as 42 crayons and 7 boxes. Each box has an equal number of crayons. There are 6 crayons in each box.

One way you can help at home to support learning at home is to do the activities below with your child to help him or her learn multiplication and division. Another way to support is to incorporate the math vocabulary in daily dialogue. I always remind the students to sound like mathematicians. Below are the words for unit 1 as well as a PDF file with colored graphics and a definition. In class, we cut this words out and glued them into our math journal.

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Family Activities

Multiplication Stories:

Give your child a multiplication fact, such as 4 × 3. Have your child tell you a multiplication story for that fact.

Sample story: Jake has 4 bags of apples. There are 3 apples in each bag. How many apples does Jake have in all? Repeat the activity with a different multiplication problem.

Division Stories:

Give your child a division fact, such as 32 , 8. Have your child tell you a division story for that fact.

Sample story: Sally has 32 pictures. She puts an equal number of pictures on 8 pages. How many pictures does Sally put on each page? Repeat the activity with a different division problem.

Unit 1 Vocabulary

I am attaching a PDF of unit 1 vocabulary cards with colorful graphics, definition, and a practice statement.
  • equal groups
  • multiplication
  • factors
  • product
  • equation
  • unknown
  • number line
  • array
  • row
  • column
  • Commutative (Order) Property of Multiplication 
  • Division