Welcome to the Junction

Students Learning in the Junction and Makerspace

At Iron Horse, we try to promote life-long learners and readers.  Students will have those opportunities in our library, otherwise known as the "Junction."

Students in grades K-2 will have weekly library time, where we will read books and checkout books to read in the classroom and at home.  Students in grades 3-5, may come to the Junction, with their teacher's permission, at any time during the school day for open check-out.  Students in these grades have been trained how to check-in and check-out books.  The number of books students may check-out will depend upon their grade level.  Together, we have had lots of conversations around choosing a "reasonable and responsible" amount of books each time they check-out.

The Junction is in the process of a makeover!  A HUGE thank you goes out to one of our parent volunteers, Suzanne Collier, for all her help in making our library more friendly for our students.  We are hoping that the students, and staff, will be able to find the books they are looking for quickly and easily.