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What is it?

MindUP™ is a 15-lesson program for Pre-K-8th grade students, brought to life by a teacher in the classroom.

MindUP™ is science-centric and evidence-based, with over 10 years of research conducted on the program’s efficacy.

MindUP™ is grounded four core pillars: Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, Mindful Awareness and Social-Emotional Learning.

MindUP™ has 15 lessons that teach activities around topics such as gratitude, mindfulness and perspective taking.

MindUP™ provides an immersive discovery experience along with daily core practices, such as the guided “Brain Break” breathing exercise.

MindUP™ drives positive behavior, improves learning and scholastic performance, and increases empathy, optimism and compassion.
Every two weeks, there will be a focus. I will share here what our current focus is so you can follow up at home if you would like.