Student Leadership Team

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Welcome to the Student Leadership Team page.

Please find below the necessary paperwork to apply for SLT. Each student will need a completed application, parent permission form, staff recommendation #1 and staff recommendation #2.


Friday, October 4th – Applications are due to Mrs. Hayes’ classroom

Monday, October 14th- I am hopeful by this date that all students have been informed if they are a member. Please keep in mind conferences are happening the week before.


Download SLT paperwork here!

The document below has a job description and requirements for applying and keeping the SLT position.

SLT Job Description.pdf

Please find below the application for SLT. It is a total of three pages.

SLT Application (1).pdf

Below is the parent permission form that each child must have accompany the application.

SLT Parent Permission.pdf

Below is the staff recommendation sheet. Any adult who works in the building can complete a recommendation, it DOES NOT have to be a certified teacher. 

SLT Staff Recommendation 1.pdf

This is the second recommendation form. Each applicant needs two recommendations turned in on their behalf.

SLT Staff Recommendation 2.pdf

Please check back here for future events sponsored by SLT!

Upcoming Events!