Ms. Scott

Welcome to 5th grade! My name is Marissa Scott and this is my second year teaching. I am so excited to have another wonderful year at this school and with all of you!

Room 377

On this site, you will find important updates, a calendar with important school dates and classroom dates and some pictures of what we're doing throughout the year! If you need to reach me, shoot me an email at! 

August Newsletter!

Happy beginning of 5th grade! I can’t believe we are done with week 1 already! It is such an exciting time to see everyone reconnect and meet new faces! Just wanted to let you know a few things to expect this year!  



Around the first week of every month, you will receive a newsletter via email letting you know about upcoming important dates, reminders and general updates from within the room. I also post this newsletter on our class webpage.  



I am a big believer that kids who have food and water in them are able to focus better and become better learners! With that being said, I encourage my students to bring small snacks and water bottles into my room to munch and sip on throughout the day. I just ask that they are HEALTHIER snacks and just WATER! If they are not healthier snacks or are drinks other than water, the kids will be asked to put them back in their backpacks until lunch.

I also try to keep some emergency snacks in my room that my students can have if they don’t have food that day. These snacks are typically foods like pretzels, non-sugary cereals, nut-free granola bars or other items that won’t go bad quickly.  If you would like to donate to this supply throughout the year, especially around CMAS time, the kids and I would greatly appreciate it! Please don’t feel like this is a “have to” though!


Every Night Homework

The kids will have some homework this year that is expected to be completed every day at home. My expectations are that they read every night for at least 20 minutes, record it on their reading log, and have it signed off by a parent/guardian. I will be checking this log weekly on Mondays. They have a bingo square in the back of their homework folder where we will track who has read the full amount of time or more each week! If they get a bingo, they will earn a reward!

I also expect them to practice their spelling words nightly once we start having them. We will be making a book where they can keep track of all their words in. Each day, I expect them to write each word 5 times, write down the definition of each word, and come up with a new sentence using the words properly. I check their spelling books on random days each week. This is a complete/incomplete grade that will be reflected in their responsibility grade at the end of each semester.

The final homework they will need to be doing nightly is practicing their multiplication facts from 0-12! These skills will be practiced and worked on very hard this first semester in order to be more successful in the math curriculum this year. They can be practicing with flash cards, multiplication games, parents shouting out facts and having them answer them, or any ways that fits best at home that allows them to start mastering these! If they start to have all of these facts down, please start doing the same facts in division! We will also be practicing that in class this year.     


Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns! Looking forward to an incredible year filled with learning and memories!



Marissa Scott