Response to Intervention

Response to Intervention is a proactive approach to measuring students’ skills and using this data to decide which types of targeted teaching to use. There are 3 tiers to instruction: 1, 2, and 3. In Tier 1, all students are taught using methods that research has shown to be effective. If your child isn’t making adequate progress in Tier 1, he/ she will start to receive more targeted help. This is in addition to the regular classroom instruction, not a replacement for it. This is deemed to be Tier 2 instruction. Tier 2 interventions take place several times during the week and are given in a small group setting. Iron Horse teachers will monitor your child’s progress so it’s clear whether the Tier 2 intervention is supporting achievement and success. In the event that your student is not making appropriate progress, the level of support moves to Tier 3. In this tier, students are working one on one or in very small groups with the teacher to support success and achievement. Again, teachers will monitor student progress. Throughout the RTI process, teachers will be in contact with you to inform you about your child’s progress.

RTI Triangle