Students will be assigned homework on a daily basis. Assignments will be turned in or reviewed each day. Please check your child’s homework folder and planner nightly to make sure they are completing all of the work that is due the following day. Some of the work assigned to your student will be checked weekly, but most of the work will be checked daily and should be done on a nightly basis. Please make sure your student brings their homework folder, completed assignments, and planner back to school every day.

Your students will be expected to read a minimum of 20 minutes every night at home. This includes weekends. They will have a reading log to track their time. This log will need to be signed by parents and returned weekly.

In fifth grade, math facts are extremely important. To ensure each student’s proficiency in math, we ask that each student practices their multiplication and division facts. This can be done with simple flash cards. However, there are several online programs that are great for practicing. If you need help finding websites, feel free to email me!