Online Learning

Music: March 24-26th

Hi all! Let’s do this! (Hablo un poco Español y puedo ayudarle. Por favor mandame un email

If you are a 3-5th grader, your assignment has been posted to Google Classroom ( Once you’re in the Specials classroom, click “Classwork” at the top. Your assignment is posted under the “Music” category. Once you have completed your assignment, click “Add or create” and upload your finished listening guide. Click “Turn in” and voila you’re done!

If you are a K-2nd grader, you need to join your Google Classroom.

-Go to

-Click the + and “Join class”

2nd Grade, your code is: 3bhwr5f

1st Grade, your code is: vpsolvl

Kindergarten, your code is: qx5oawp

Once you’re in, click on “Classwork” and find the post under “Music.” Once you’ve finished drawing your map, you can turn it in on the post by clicking “Add or create,” and then “Turn in.” Yay, you did it!

If you have any questions, please email me anytime at or Google call me by opening Gmail and clicking on the bottom left corner Tuesday-Friday 9am-11am, 1pm-3pm. 

Happy Musicmaking!