Homework Expectations
Homework Expectations

Nightly Homework 

Kids are expected to do 20 minutes of reading a night. They are to fill out their reading logs afterwards and get them signed off by you. By the end of the week, they should have 140 minutes completed. These will checked every Monday. 

Kids are expected to complete 5 days of spelling practice on their Google Doc which can be found in out Google Classroom under Spelling. They are expected to write each word 5 times, define each word, and use each word in a sentence properly. This will be assigned on Thursdays and due that following Wednesday. 

Additional Homework

Kids will receive additional homework based on the lessons completed that day. Typically, they will receive a sheet of math homework each night. They are expected to do the front and backside of these. 

On Wednesday, kids will have a spelling sheet they are expected to complete. These help solidify the ideas being worked on that week and help them become more success on the skill side of their spelling tests that we take on Thursdays.

Friday Afternoon Club

Homework is checked daily. If students have any missing work by Friday, they will be asked to bring their food in from lunch and work on their missing assignments. If they complete their missing work before lunch is over, they are allowed to head back to the cafeteria afterwards to be with their peers.