Important Classroom Information

Below you will find some information about classroom policies and procedures
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Bring to School

Please make sure your child packs a NUT FREE snack in their backpack somewhere outside of their lunchbox. If your child brings a snack that contains nuts of any kind they will not be allowed to eat it as some children have severe allergies to these products.


Homework Folders

Folders will go home everyday and need to be returned to school each day your child attends. The left pocket will contain items that need your attention and may need to be returned to school. The right pocket will contain items that you need to keep at home.


School Supplies

Thank you for purchasing school supplies for your student! I know it can get expensive quickly and I appreciate everything you have put into school supply shopping. We will have some supplies that are community supplies and others that only your student will use. I will send home whatever your student does not use at the end of the year. 


Your child may bring a lunch from home or choose to purchase hot lunch. If they bring a lunch from home they will take it out of their backpack and place it in the tub outside of our classroom labeled with my name. If they choose to purchase a hot lunch they will use their student account to pay for it. They will need to pack a nut free snack in their backpack NOT in their lunchbox.


Items From Home

Please do not allow your student to bring toys to school. This is a distraction and sometimes they don’t make it back home. Students may purchase special days from the dojo store that will allow them to bring specific items from home. If they do purchase these special days they will bring home a certificate so you will know what they are supposed to bring. 

Class Dojo

Classroom Dojo is a program where students earn points for different positive things they are doing in the classroom. They may also lose points for certain negative behaviors. I focus on the positive and it will take something relatively serious to lose points. At the end of the week, students cash in their points for “Dojo dollars” they can spend these dollars on various small items and classroom events such as pajama day, show and tell, lunch in the classroom. If they purchase a class event I will send home a certificate to inform you. You will receive a class dojo code so you can register and view their points. Your student will also receive a code so they can register and change their Dojo avatar. Points will reset each week but we will keep track of how many points we earn throughout the year. There is also a chat feature where we will share out class photos and stories.