Homework Expectations

*Homework is optional but highly encouraged as it is extra practice for the students and also gives parents/guardians a glimpse into what your child(ren) are learning in 1st grade!

Reading: daily/nightly for 10-15 minutes! Reading can be done with, to, or by the child and can be logged on the monthly reading log for your child to be a part of my "Book Club" where at the end of each month we bring a book we read, have lunch together in the classroom, and I provide a special treat as we talk about/share our favorite parts of the book we read that month!

Spelling: students will get a new list of 5 sight words each Thursday in their Thursday Folders.  Please practice these sight words throughout the week.  We will have an end of the week assessment the following Thursday.  Your child will practice these at school, but additional support at home is always appreciated!

Math: I will send home the extended practice pages that go along with each lesson we  are going through with our Envisions2020 resource.  

Writing: Encourage your child to write at least one complete sentence a day in a journal of their choice.  They can write about what they read that day, what they did, or make up imaginative stories! Anything to get them writing!

Projects: We have a few projects throughout the year pertaining to our science and social studies units.  I will send home information when these are coming up with the project layout and expectations!