Ms. Dean

Welcome to IHE Music! My name is Miss Lindsay Dean, and I am ecstatic to be your student’s music teacher 😊

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About Me:

My Background
I was born and raised in Colorado Springs, where I lived with my mom, dad, two little sisters, and our old diva Dachshund. My little sisters are much younger; they are going into the 8th and 5th grade and work diligently to help me “stay cool.” Outside of my family, I love to spend my time with friends, singing in choir, watching cute dog videos, reading, and traveling.

My Education
I graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with my Bachelor of Music Education degree with an emphasis in Voice and General Music in May 2017. While studying, I was fortunate enough to spend 
my time volunteering with groups such as Kids Hope USA, the Children Literacy Center, and the Boys and Girls Club, as well as meeting wonderful people by being a resident assistant. UNC gave me opportunities to collaborate with professional performers in operas and choirs, conduct collegiate ensembles as the Greeley Chorale conducting scholarship recipient, tour the U.S. and Europe with a choir, learn leadership as the music education club president, and grow every day!

My Goals
Music is one of the most powerful ways I have been able to think and feel and explore, and I am thrilled to give as much of that to your student as I can. Above all, my goal for this school year is to give each student tools to enjoy and grow in life through music. Including:

~Showcasing their work by starting annual concerts and programs. 
~Having a platform to create their own music, explore instruments--to question and challenge and grow through discovery. 
~Equipping kids with the ability to utilize technology for music creation, practice, and performance.
~Giving our choir the space to interact with and perform for their community.

My Favorites:
Color: Purple
Food: "real" food, pasta; sweet food, Twix!
Movie: Tangled
Book: Harry Potter, Stardust
Animal: I can’t decide—sloths AND dogs!
Team: Go Rockies!

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