Online Learning

If you are a 3-5th grader, your assignment has been posted to Google Classroom ( Once you’re in the Specials classroom, click “Classwork” at the top. Your assignment is posted under the “Art” category. Once you have completed your project, take a picture or scan it, click “Add or create” and upload your finished artwork and click “Turn in." Complete your self evaluation and you're done. Yay!

If you are a K-2nd grader, you need to join your Google Classroom.

-Go to

-Click the + and “Join class”

2nd Grade, your code is: 3bhwr5f

1st Grade, your code is: vpsolvl

Kindergarten, your code is: qx5oawp

Once you’re in, click on “Classwork” and find the post under “Art.” Once you’ve finished your project, you can take a picture or scan it, click “Add or create,” and then “Turn in.” Yay, you did it!