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Art is a field whose value is constantly changing in the eye of the populous.  Art can be an educational tool, both physical and emotional therapy, a creative outlet, simple enjoyment, and so much more.  Despite the differences in opinion as to the importance of the arts it will remain a constant in the lives of humanity.  Much like the rotation of a kaleidoscope, what we see in art is determined by how we choose to look at it.  - Ms. O'Hara

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Ms. O'Hara

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Hi there and welcome to the IHE art department!  I'm so excited to share what's happening in the art room via the web and hopefully inspire you at home as well. 

Allow me to introduce a little bit about myself.  Art has been in my life ever since I could pick up something to write with.  It's taught me to look at the world and my surroundings through a different set of eyes.  It's gotten me through the rough times and has allowed me to share the beauty of creation with others.  I have a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in painting and drawing but I enjoy creating with all forms of media. 

I'm originally from Wisconsin where I taught for four years.  I moved to Wyoming about 2 1/2 years ago and taught for a year there.  I was planning on staying there for quite awhile until I fell in love with my now husband and ended up moving to Colorado.  This is now my third year here at IHE and I plan on increasing student centered learning this year. 

My family and I are in the process of building a house where we can raise our alpacas along with the horses, dog, cats, and future animals.  We had our first alpaca baby; Leo, this summer and he loves to frolic.  I feel truly blessed and am grateful for all that I've been given.  I strive to pay it forward and help those around me feel happy as well.  
Baby Leo     Family Art Night

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