During our math time we follow a similar routine to our daily 5 reading rotations. We rotate through different activities while the teacher meets with a small group to instruct them using Envisions Math 2.0. The rotations we work in are: Math fact fluency, math technology, math journal and math with a teacher. Throughout each of these rotations students are practicing the skills they need to become better problem solvers and mathematicians. The topics we cover throughout the year are listed below. I have also attached the home-school connection below for each topic if you would like to learn more about what we are learning about specific to that topic. 

Topic 1: Fluently Add and Subtract Within 20

Topic 2: Work with Equal Groups

Topic 3: Add Within 100 Using Strategies

Topic 4: Fluently Add Within 100

Topic 5: Subtract Within 100 Using Strategies

Topic 6: Fluently Subtract Within 100

Topic 7: More Solving Problems Involving Addition and Subtraction

Topic 8: Work with Time and Money

Topic 9: Numbers to 1,000

Topic 10: Add Within 1,000 Using Models and Strategies

Topic 11: Subtract Within 1,000 Using Models and Strategies

Topic 12: Measuring Length

Topic 13: More Addition, Subtraction, and Length

Topic 14: Graphs and Data

Topic 15: Shapes and Their Attributes