March 11th though April 12th
What we are learning about....
We are learning about how to use our background information and text clues to make inferences. We have been working on finding clues and text evidence to support our thinking when trying to figure out what the character is feeling, what kind of character they are, as well as the big idea of a story. 

We have been practicing our friendly letters every Friday with our family letters. Please continue to write back to your student so I can keep adding them to their letter book that you will get at the end of the year. We have also been working on our personal narratives by completing our weekend news each Monday. We have been working hard on responding to text by crafting our summaries and making sure we have all of the important details.

In math we have been continuing to practice the different strategies we use to add and subtract including an open number line, compensation, break apart, and stacking numbers. We are moving into our fractions unit where we will be looking at how to divide shapes equally to create fractions as well as adding simple fractions. 

During science we have been exploring different kinds of animals, their characteristics and how their characteristics help them survive in their habitats. We will be diving deep into studying animals and their adaptations. We will be exploring different places using virtual field trips and learning how to figure out important information using a variety of research methods. We will also be creating our own animals and habitats and present to the class how their adaptations help them survive.