Important Classroom Information

Communication: As the year goes on, I want to make sure we have an open communication system between school and home. Please feel free to email any time, and I will do my best to reply within 24 hours as my time to check email is before and after school. My school email is I will send home weekly updates (electronically to save paper, but please let me know if you prefer a paper copy) as well as communicate through student’s Home Folders daily to let you know of any glows and/or grows for that week behavior-wise.

*24 Hour IHE Attendance Hotline (for absences): 303-387-8527


Arrival Procedures

We are continuing our rolling entry, which begins at 8:18am. Students should NOT arrive before 8:18am or be released from their vehicles until the first bell rings. Students will enter in one of four assigned doors (see photo below):

  • PreK/K/! Students will enter from the Front Doors

  • 2nd/3rd grade Students will enter from the East playground doors

  • 4th/5th grade Students will enter from the West playground doors   

  • Bus riders will enter from the door near the cafeteria

Students will walk immediately to their classrooms. For students who are walking younger siblings in, they may enter in the younger siblings door, take them to their hallway, and proceed to their classroom. 

Dismissal Procedures

Students who need to be picked up early must do so before 3:00pm. We are no longer releasing students after this time due to end of the day activities and dismissal procedures. Students will be released in one of 3 ways: bus riders, walkers, and car pick up.

Students will be dismissed as follows:

Walkers and Car Pick Up - 3:20pm

Bus Riders - 3:20pm 

Walkers should plan to meet parents at the following locations depending upon where they are heading:

Red Barn on the Pathway

Exit to the Gravel Lot

Chain Fence on the Turf


Grading: Elementary Progress Reports (EPRs) are sent home two times a year; before winter break and before summer vacation. You will be asked to attend a virtual or in person fall and spring conference for your child, to touch base on growth and next steps in the classroom. Many assignments may come home from me without marks or grades, but know that I am assessing work informally. Weekly or bi-weekly assessments may be collected and graded, but I may keep some of their work to show you at conferences.

Snacks and Water: Students can bring a healthy, nut-free, snack for our morning snack break at 1:10pm. Please save any unhealthy treats for home. If your child would like to bring a water bottle, please make sure it has an easy open lid (that stays tight), and their name on it. They will need to take home their water bottles daily to be cleaned. Please do not send water bottles with juice or other liquids.

Folders:   Please have your child bring back their yellow IHE folder to and from school each day! I will put important notes and information in there as well as any work they complete that day! I also would like the students’ red reading folders to come to and from school each Monday, in order to switch out their books for them! Thank you so much for your support and help!