Remote Learning

Please use these ideas and resources to support your child's learning at home.  As always, please do what works best for your child.  


Read each day for at least 15 minutes.
Practice sight words: rainbow write, ghost write, salt trays, play dough, Memory, etc.
RAZ Kids
Epic Books


Practice writing your first and last name with one capital letter
Practice correct letter formation by writing letters, numbers, or words in yellow and having your child trace.
Keep a writing journal of your time at home.  What was your favorite part of the day?  Practice writing two sentences with a capital letter, spaces between words, and punctuation.  Draw an illustration to match your writing with a character, 5 details in the setting, and at least 3 colors.


Math exercises linked below
Play War for comparing numbers.
Practice 1:1 correspondence by counting objects up to 20 in a row and scattered.
Tell story problems and practice writing number sentences to match: add and subtract 0-10.
Write numbers 0-20
Moose Math

Please contact me if you have questions specific to your child's learning.