We will continue our work on retelling a story this week by looking back at the pictures to help us.  I am so excited to share Jan Brett's stories with the class this month as we practice making text to text connections.  (On a side note, I love how excited the students are to find Author Study books in the library.)  In our guided groups, we will continue working on reading strategies: point 1:1 for multisyllabic words, use clues to decode unknown words, reread when it doesn't make sense.
iReady Testing:
We will be completing our iReady Reading Midyear Diagnostic this week.  While there is nothing the students need to do to prepare for this assessment, please make sure that your child is well rested and has a filling breakfast.  The students have been working hard during literacy centers, guided reading groups, and on iReady lessons in class.  I am looking forward to using the information gathered from this Diagnostic to aid in guiding further reading instruction.  They have already grown so much as readers!  Keep up the great work!  
Please make sure that book bags come back to school tomorrow as we continue to use them in class.  While our guided reading groups will be modified this week due to testing, I will continue to work with small groups and a new book should come home by mid week.  Thank you for supporting your child in rereading these familiar texts to develop reading fluency!
As we prepare for the holidays, the kindergarten teachers are excited to work with you on a holiday traditions writing project!  The students will explore the writing process this month and share a narrative about their favorite holiday tradition.  More information will come home this week.  The students will continue to work towards meeting the writing goal they set for themselves.  They have been so motivated to improve in their writing focus: illustration, handwriting, detail.
We will begin subtraction this week.  We will continue to use the phrase 'in all' and introduce 'are left'.  "There are 5 cookies on a plate.  2 are eaten.  How many cookies are left?"  Continue to incorporate math into daily conversations.  Hands on activities help kids to make sense of these number sentences.  Dice, counters, and other materials will continue to be used in class as we continue to use 1:1 correspondence to count and represent our number sentences as we 'take away' objects with subtraction.
Social Studies:
I'm so excited to begin our geography unit with maps this week.  We will become familiar with finding where we live on a map, explore maps vs. globes, and discover what a map can tell us about where someone lives.  
Adopt A Family:
The kindergarten classes are overjoyed that we have the opportunity to participate in Adopt A Family!  The holidays are a difficult financial time for many families, and we would like to lift this burden for our adopted family of six.  Our family has three boys (ages 16, 11, 9) and a little girl (age 6).  If you are able to donate a gift to our family, please see our Adopt A Family Wish List.  
The kindergarten teachers will also be collecting additional gift cards for our family and monetary donations to purchase some of the more expensive items on the wish list.  If you are interested in participating, please bring your gifts to your kindergarten teacher unwrapped.  We would like to make sure the parents know what their children will be receiving this holiday season.  Gifts need to be brought to school by December 13.  Together we can give this family a wonderful gift!
Important Dates This Week:
12/2: music
12/3: art
12/4: PE, guest teacher (I will be in school at meetings) IHE Restaurant Night at Chick-Fil-A
12/5: music, library
12/6: art, guest teacher (mom responsibilities today)


We will continue to work on retelling stories and answering questions about key details.  We will be reading a silly story throughout the week, Turk and Runt, and discuss all the important details of this book.  This is a fun story for them to retell with you at home! :)
We will be writing a thankful book next week.  During our writing, we will make sure to draw a detailed picture and write words that match.  The students will focus on their individual writing goals during this time.  Again, the students write phonetically during this time.  They know I will never tell them how to spell a word. ;)  I see the confidence building more and more every day!  Please continue to help your child sound out words when they write at home.  
The class is doing a great job with addition!  We are working on writing number sentences (1+3=4) and discovering how we can read them two different ways (1 plus 3 equals 4 OR 1 and 3 is 4 in all).  Please continue to practice this at home!  Coming up next week, we will begin exploring all the different addition number sentences we can write that add up to 10.  
Social Studies:
We will continue our research about the First Thanksgiving and sequence the events we have learned.  We will compare our lives now to that of a child living during the first Thanksgiving.  
Solitude Time:
As the class is maturing, the students have been resting less and less during Solitude Time.  While we will still use this time for a calming and quiet activity (free write, story time, mindfulness and yoga, etc.), the students will no longer be able to bring stuffed animals into the classroom.  While they were a cozy comfort from home to start, they are now a distraction.   Thanks for your help with this! :)