While all homework is optional, it is highly encouraged that you read with your child nightly.

Sight Word Bags:

Please use your child's letter/sound and sight word bag to practice automaticity at home.  While they can be used as flashcards, please be creative in making this activity fun for your child.  Create a second set of cards to play Memory, roll words in play dough, or write the letter or word in salt, sand, paint, etc.  Use these cards to go on scavenger hunts around your house: "Can you find an item that starts with 's'?"  
When your child has mastered their current cards, please have your child return their bag for new words to practice.  The kids are doing such a great job getting new cards added to their bags every week or so!  Keep up the great work!

‚ÄčOur kindergarten sight word list is posted below.  

Book Bags:

Your child's book bag will come home daily.  These books have been read in guided reading groups, so your child is familiar with the text.  Please have your child read one of these books every night.  They can read to a family member, a pet, or a stuffed animal.  Rereading these books nightly will help with their reading fluency.  Use these books, as well as others, to have conversations about the text.  Make connections to other books or experiences, retell beginning/middle/end, and ask about the characters.  ‚ÄčThe book bags will have up to 3 books each night.  A new book will be added weekly, with the oldest book being removed at that time.  Book bags must be returned to receive a new text.