Ms. Evans

All About Ms. Evans

My Professional Experience

I graduated from UNC Greeley in 2012 with a Bachelor's in Elementary Education. I moved to Phoenix, Arizona that summer to pursue a teaching opportunity. I taught in Phoenix for 5 years, teaching English and Spanish speakers in inner city Phoenix.  Missing my family, we moved back to Colorado and I began teaching 1st grade at Iron Horse Elementary last year. This will be my 7th year teaching, and I am so excited to be at Iron Horse for another exciting year in 1st grade!

My Family

My fiance's name is Eric Law. We will be getting married on October 10th, 2018 on Oahu, Hawaii! Eric grew up on Oahu, and has a lot of family there. We are so excited to get married and spend our fall break with family on Oahu!

After fall break I will  be Mrs. Law!

We do not have any children yet, but we have a fur baby, our cat named Thomas O'Malley (named from the movie "Aristocats"). He is orange and white and VERY fluffy. His fur gets everywhere! We love him very much.

I am very close to my parents and my brother, who all live in the Denver Metro area. 

A bit about me and my favorite things!

Colors: Turquoise/Teal, Blue, Green

Fast Food: Qdoba

Food: Pizza or Pasta

Disney Characters: Belle or Mickey (but, I love all things Disney!)

Movies: Greatest Showman and La La Land

TV Shows: Gilmore Girls and Full House

Music: Walk Off the Earth and Taylor Swift

Hobbies: Scrapbooking, Puzzles, Reading, Watching TV Shows, Crafting in General, Playing my Ukulele, Listening to Music, Going to the Gym with my Fiance.

Guilty Pleasures: singing in the car, shower, and karaoke! I also love to indulge in a Starbucks run every now and then, or a trip to the Target Dollar Section. 

Contact Me:

I try to check email daily during the school year, on weekends I check Sunday nights. I am happy to answer questions, help with concerns, or celebrate things happening at home! Please reach out any time!