Learning at Home

These are some great ways to continue the learning at home!

Reading and Spelling

•  Spelling City has our weekly lists updated and ready to play. Our login is here:
•  Raz-Kids allows your child to read at his or her independent level. Our
    classroom username and login information has been emailed to families.
    Please contact me if there are any issues!

Other Reading Resources

•  Create flashcards and practice spelling words nightly. 
•  Read with your child for a minimum of 20 minutes per night.
•  Ask your child questions about what they read. 
•  Practice reading and writing sight words. 
•  Go to the library!
•  Use the internet:
   •  Starfall
   •  ABCya
   •  Epic
   •  ABC Mouse
   •  Storyline Online

•  Keep a writing journal.
•  Practice writing sentences.
•  Rainbow write letters and sight words with different colored crayons.
•  Write letters to friends and family members.
•  Write stories about photographs you take together or pictures you draw.
•  Save writing as the year goes on to see how much their writing progresses!

•  Create flashcards for addition and subtraction within 20.
•  Practice counting objects in lines and scattered objects.
•  Count by ones, twos, fives, and tens.
•  Discuss 2D and 3D shapes you see in the world.
•  Measure real-world objects with rulers and other units of measurement.
•  Point out the time on both digital and analog clocks when they are on the hour and half hour.
•  Name and count pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.