Reading Folder                    .     

There is a wealth of research supporting daily reading, especially prior to and during the period when a child is learning to read. For a time investment of a few minutes a day, you can considerably increase your child's ability to support him or herself in the future.

Each Thursday, students will take home a reading folder with a new book. Please take a few minutes each night to read with or to your child and ask the provided questions. By doing this every night, you will promote and practice reading fluency and comprehension skills!

  • Students should read for at least 15 minutes each night. They can read a book on their level and/or listen to a story read by someone else.
  • Ask your child a few comprehension questions from the list in the folder. The list will be replaced as your child's reading level progresses. 
  • Students should select ONE question from the list and answer it on their Reading Notes sheet.

Please Remember... 

  • The book is for students to borrow. Please remind your child to treat the book appropriately and be responsible for its whereabouts.
  • The book and reading folder need to be returned to school every Thursday!
  • Your child will have the same book all week. This builds reading fluency and confidence.
  • If you find the book is too easy or too challenging for your child, please return the folder to school with a note and I will provide a different book.

Thank you so much for helping your child succeed as a reader!

Spelling   .

Students will have 5 sight words to study each week. Please work with them to read, write, and spell the words. Here are some resources to help make the learning fun!

  • Spelling City! Spelling City has our weekly lists updated and ready to play. Our login is here: https://www.spellingcity.com/users/Suson  
  • Put salt in a cookie tray. Students use their fingers to write words.
  • Make the words out of Play-doh and "rainbow write" the words by using different colors for each letter or tracing over the word with different colors.
  • If they like using an iPad, try the app called Sight Word Ninja. The kids love it!


Download the free Kids A-Z app or click the link below on a computer or tablet. Raz-Kids allows your child to read at his or her independent level. Our classroom username and login information has been emailed to families. Please contact me if there are any issues! Raz-Kids