ABC's of 1st Grade


A- Attendance

Call this number, should your child be absent, even if you email me. The office needs to know that your child will be absent. Attendance Line: 303-387-8527

If your child is tardy, they must check in at the office before coming to the classroom.

If you know you are going out of town please let me know in advance so I can prepare some work. 

B- Birthdays

Due to the high number of students with severe food allergies and special dietary concerns, as well as Iron Horse’s emphasis on health and wellness, birthday celebrations may not include edible treats. Please save birthday cakes and cupcakes for your home celebration.

We realize many parents like to do something special in school for their child’s birthday. We’d like to suggest you consider donating a small gift to your child’s classroom. This donation from your child might be an educational game, a book for the class library, a ball to be used on the playground, or a pencil for each student in the room.  Classroom teachers also have a variety of activities for birthday celebrations designed to make birthday children feel special. 

C- Classwork

During the day we do various activities in our workbooks, notebooks and on worksheets. You may see a lot of work come home some weeks, and little work other weeks. 

As we finish, students usually put whole group or small group work in their “mailboxes” to bring home in their Thursday folders. Tests will be the only things graded with feedback, majority of the time. 

I will do my best to have students be the only ones to really touch their work, to avoid any germs from me.

D-Dismissal and Arrival

Parking Arrival and Dismissal

Due to social distancing guidelines, and to limit the congregation of students and families on the grounds, we are implementing new arrival and dismissal procedures. 

Arrival Procedures

We are continuing our rolling entry, which begins at 8:18am. Students should NOT arrive before 8:18am or be released from their vehicles until the first bell rings. Students will enter in one of four assigned doors (see photo below):

  • PreK/K/! Students will enter from the Front Doors

  • 2nd/3rd grade Students will enter from the East playground doors

  • 4th/5th grade Students will enter from the West playground doors

  • Bus riders will enter from the door near the cafeteria

Students will walk immediately to their classrooms. For students who are walking younger siblings in, they may enter in the younger siblings door, take them to their hallway, and proceed to their classroom. 

Dismissal Procedures

Students who need to be picked up early must do so before 3:00pm. We are no longer releasing students after this time due to end of the day activities and dismissal procedures. Students will be released in one of 3 ways: bus riders, walkers, and car pick up. 

We are no longer allowing park and pick up as we are keeping students in the classroom for release to limit student contact and parent/teacher contact. 

Students will be dismissed as follows:

Walkers - 3:20pm

Bus Riders - 3:22pm

Car Pick Up Begins - 3:25pm

Walkers should plan to meet parents at the following locations depending upon where they are heading:

Red Barn on the Pathway

Exit to the Gravel Lot

Chain Fence on the Turf

Car Riders will be picked up by parents using the phone app - PikMyKid. You will be receiving more information about how to download this app shortly. 

At the entrance to the Gravel lot, parents/guardians will use the app to “announce” their arrival. They will then drive into the gravel lot and exit the gravel lot to get in the pick up line. A staff member will be at the entrance and exit of the Gravel Lot to provide support if needed. 

Once a parent/guardian announces they are at the school, the teacher in the classroom will be notified and students will be released to walk to the car pick up line. Students will be released in order of arrival to facilitate a quick release. Families who utilize a carpool system will be able to do so with the app very easily. 

If you choose to arrive before 3:25pm for the line, you will need to wait until this time to have students released. Staff will not be able to support until this time as well. If you forget your phone or do not have one, we will also be providing placards to place in your vehicle that we can use to “announce” for you. Details on how to download the app and placards will be given to you during Meet the Teacher next week. 

E-Everybody can Learn

In class we have a wide variety of learners. I will do my best to accommodate and differentiate to ensure all students are learning at their level. I will be teaching students during these first few weeks how to learn in small, differentiated, groups. I will then be pulling groups at different times to work on content with me. All groups will consist of 3 kiddos or less, to support social distancing. 

I will be doing leveled groups for math and reading, while doing mostly whole group or independent work during writing, social studies and science.

F-Friday Learning from Home

As a team, we are working to develop some great learning ideas for Fridays. All students will be learning from home on Fridays, and we will be on (as we understand it right now) all morning to support learners. We will be doing live lessons and working in some small groups online. 

We will be in touch as we know more!


Grades in class look like this:

4- Exceeds expectations of grade level.

3- Meets expectations of grade level.

2- Approaching expectations of grade level.

1- Falls far below expectations of grade level.

You will usually see total points, with one of these numbers circled on the formal assessments. I will send these home only after I have had time to re-teach and re-test your children. 


School wide expectations for first grade homework is that you read each night with your child.

I will be sending home a monthly reading log. Please keep track of anything and everything you read together. It doesn’t matter what you read, or who is reading, as long as your child is participating in the process. (For example, they can read to a stuffy, a pet, a sibling, a family member or friend. Or you could read to them. As long as they are getting exposed to more texts and seeing that reading is important!)

Students can earn some fun goodies by completing the log. Students that read each night tend to make growth faster, and love reading more! Read, read, read!


Please do not send birthday party invitations to school for distribution unless all students from the class are included. It can be very upsetting to the students who do not receive an invitation. Teachers cannot provide contact information for students in class due to confidentiality. Please utilize the school directory for this information.  

J-Just Water

Water bottles are allowed in class, on the floor (no spilling on our desks). Please do not send juice or other liquids, water only. Names should be noticeable on the bottles as well.

Water fountains will not be available this year, for safety reasons. However there will be a water bottle filling station in the cafeteria. 


If you notice your child is feeling down or upset, please reach out. We want as much kindness as possible in our room. 

Communicating concerns you learn about at home, helps me to facilitate discussions on being a good friend in class. 

L- Lunch

Students in first grade eat lunch at 11:20. Students who do not finish eating in the allotted time would then be asked to finish in the office.. There are typically two school lunch choices each day which vary. In addition, a fresh salad bar is offered daily. The cafeteria provides seconds on entrees, as well as the option to purchase snacks. If you do not want your child to purchase these items, please visit this website:  to complete the No Extra Food Form. Please turn this form into the lunchroom at Iron Horse so that we can make the necessary arrangements.

Lunches from Home

Students may bring lunch from home, including a beverage. They may also buy drinks at school. Food should be ready-to-eat as we cannot microwave or prepare any food for students.

No parents this year- due to risk of Covid, we are not allowing any guests this school year, until otherwise notified. 

Lunch Payment

Each child will be given a lunch account number, which they should memorize and which they can use to purchase lunch and snack. Parents may make deposits of cash or checks into their child’s account. Nutrition Services has an online payment option where you can post payments to your account. It is located on the IHE website. You can also view your student’s lunch choices each day on the IHE website. The child’s account is automatically debited each time the child buys lunch. Students may also pay cash for lunch or milk on a daily basis.


As a school we are working on mindfulness. We take about 10-20 minutes each day to work on breathing, focus, and being ready to learn.

N-No Nuts

We will have two snack times this year- One at 9:45 in the morning and one at 1:55 in the afternoon (afternoon includes recess). Your child should not bring candy, gum, or sugary drinks (other than water).

No nuts, this is a nut free classroom and grade.

O-Open Communication

We are unable to do in person meetings, due to safety reasons. However, I am happy to set up an online Zoom or Google meeting, if needed.

I am usually pretty quick to respond to emails. This will be the easiest way to reach me. See Questions down below.


We may allow treats during holiday celebrations, but they will be healthy snacks. We also may decorate and have games or crafts.

Watch for future updates with a Sign-Up that I send out. 

Parties may look different this year, due to the virus. It is likely no volunteers will be allowed. 

Q- Questions

If you have any questions this year, you can reach me at


As a class we will develop our own “Harmony Goals”. These are rules we decide are important that we want to uphold in our room and in the school. These will change as the year goes on.




Rolling Start- Warm Up


Morning Meeting




Reading Groups


Snack and Brain Break


Reading Groups








Read Aloud






Snack and Recess


Mind Up


Science/Social Studies


Reading Review




Soon we will be getting some iPads and/or Chromebooks. Students will have the opportunity to use technology to learn in our room! 

We will be practicing the tools, apps, and websites they will be using at home to learn on their remote days. 


Please watch for your Wednesday/Thursday folders for updates from me or the school. Also check for Principal Blog Updates for info from PTO and our principal. 


Unfortunately, volunteering will not be an option this school year, until further notice. 


We are limiting the number of adults in the building in hopes to keep our school clean.

W-Work Together

We are a team between home and school. It takes us all working together, to help kids do their best with behavior and academics. Thank you in advance for being my teammate this year!

This year will be eXcellent. Thank You for trusting me with your bright learners! It’ll be a Zip-a-dee-doo-dah year!