Homework Expectations

*Homework is optional but highly encouraged as it is extra practice for the students and also gives parents/guardians a glimpse into what your child(ren) are learning in 1st grade!

Reading: daily/nightly for 10-15 minutes! Reading can be done with, to, or by your child.

Spelling: students will get a new list of 5 sight words each week in their book bags.  Please practice these sight words throughout the week. 

Math: I will send home the extended practice pages that go along with each lesson we  are going through with our Envisions2020 resource.  

Writing: Encourage your child to write at least one complete sentence a day in a journal of their choice.  They can write about what they read that day, what they did, or make up imaginative stories! Anything to get them writing!

Projects: We have a few projects throughout the year pertaining to our science and social studies units.  I will send home information when these are coming up with the project layout and expectations!