Class Policies & Procedures

Communication: As the year goes on I want to make sure we have an open communication system between school and home. Please feel free to email any time, and I will do my best to reply within 24 hours as my time to check email is before and after school. My school email is I will send home monthly newsletters (electronically to save paper, but please let me know if you prefer a paper copy) as well as communicate through student’s Thursday Folders weekly to let you know of any glows and/or grows for that week behavior-wise.

*24 Hour IHE Attendance Hotline (for absences): 303-387-8527

Volunteering: Please remember, if you wish to volunteer (in class during work time, class parties, and field trips), you need to fill out a volunteer application at the front office and go through a background check with the district. It is my understanding that you have to do one every year. Please see Angie or Janet in the office for more information. First grade will be looking for volunteers during different times of the day, and I will let you know when that is and for what activity.  I will get a Google sign up sent out within the first 2 weeks of school.

Dismissal: Students who attend BASE will be dropped off for the first part of the year, to ensure students know where to go. Bus Riders will also be dropped off for the first part of the year, to make sure they get where they need to be. If you pick up your children at dismissal, be sure to wait in the pick-up line. You can also arrive earlier and park, then walk up to get your child. We will be outside in the grassy area near the front of the school and with a good view of the pick-up line. I would like a fist-bump or high five from all students before they leave for the day, so I know who is gone. If someone new is picking up your child, please communicate with me beforehand :) 

Grading: Elementary Progress Reports (EPRs) are sent home two times a year; before winter break and before summer vacation. You will be asked to attend a fall and spring conference for your child, to touch base on growth and next steps in the classroom. Many assignments may come home from me without marks or grades, but know that I am assessing work informally. Weekly or bi-weekly assessments may be collected and graded, but I may keep some of to show you at conferences.


Invitations: You may not send birthday party invitations to school for distribution, unless all students from the class are included.  You may purchase a directory from the front office for students names, parents names, and contact information. (Note- not all families are included in this, so plan ahead to find families before or after school if needed.) You may also wait until dismissal to find parents of your child's friends, to share the invitations. 

Treats: Iron Horse is a no treat school. As a school we do not allow treats due to the many food allergies that students have. However, you may bring in tokens, books, pencils, etc. to celebrate! 

Snacks and Water: Students can bring a healthy, nut-free, snack for our morning recess at 9:45 each day. Please save any unhealthy treats for home. If your child would like to bring a water bottle, please make sure it has an easy open lid (that stays tight), and their name on it. Please do not send water bottles with juice or other liquids.