Ms. Scott

Welcome to 5th grade! My name is Marissa Scott and this is my second year teaching at Iron Horse. I am so excited to have another wonderful year at this school and with all of you!

Room 377

On this site, you will find important updates, a calendar with important school dates and classroom dates and some pictures of what we're doing throughout the year! If you need to reach me, shoot me an email at!


September Newsletter!


I can’t believe it is already almost September! I hope everyone has had a great first week of school and is enjoying the last few weeks of summer weather. Please read for updates and clarifications about things going on in our classroom!



Around the first week of every month, you will receive a newsletter via email letting you know about upcoming important dates, reminders, and general updates from within the room. I also post this newsletter on our class webpage. The calendar on the class web page will also include dates of important tests and due dates of projects!   


Nightly Homework

         Since we are doing some of the school days online right now, the students will not have the typical nightly homework like they would during a normal year. The only nightly homework they will have will be to finish up any work they may not have in class, practice their 0-12 multiplication facts, and read 20 minutes a night. The 20 minutes a night does include weekends as well, so students should be reading a minimum of 140 minutes a week. Each week the kids will receive a new reading log to track their minutes. Please sign or initial this sheet nightly once they have finished reading. I will be checking this sheet and passing the new one out every Monday/Tuesday.        


Online Learning

         Online learning from home will be starting on Wednesday/Thursday the 26th/27th for students. On Monday and Tuesday, students will be getting logged into their Clever accounts and getting set up on any other sites they will need to use this school year at school. This includes Pearson for math, Iready, and their Google Classroom. Once they get into Clever, this site should allow them to not have to make another user name or password for the remainder of the year. To access their Clever site at home on a computer that is not a Chromebook go to On this site, have them log in with Google using their DCSD account and it should send them straight to a page will all the links to sites we will use.

         While at home, students will be able to work on their assignments at times that are coinvent to their and your family’s schedule. Most of the assignments will either be done in a notebook that will get checked at school the next day or submitted on Google Classroom. The only day that does not have this flexibility is Friday. On Fridays, students will need to be online from 8:45-11:55 am with some breaks after each subject we do. In the afternoon, students will have more independent work time and time to meet with any specialist teachers they see.

         Since we have two different cohorts coming in, I will not be very accessible to the students at home while I am teaching the other cohort in class. If any questions arise during these days at home, please feel free to email me for clarification or support, but know that I may not be able to respond until the end of the school day.   


National Elementary Honor Society

We will be continuing our chapter of the National Elementary Honor Society again this year. The only change will be that meetings will be done virtually due to COVID regulations. The faculty council and I will be working hard to get applications sent out to students who qualify for one within the first week of September or so. We will be emailing out the application to the student’s and the parents’ email, so keep an eye out for an email about NEHS in the next few weeks.



I am a big believer that kids who have food and water in them can focus better and become better learners! With that being said, I encourage my students to bring small snacks and water bottles into my room to munch and sip on throughout the day. I just ask that they are healthier snacks and just plain water! If they are not healthier snacks or are drinks other than water, the kids will be asked to put them back in their backpacks until lunch. Also because of the precautions we have at the school right now, all drinking fountains have been shut down so please make sure your student has a water bottle with them each day.  


Important Dates in September

9/7 No school

9/9-10 Picture Day

9/18 Students DO have school on this due to changes made to the district calendar


Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns!



Marissa Scott