Classroom Information

Our class this semester is a mix of in-person and eLearners who are all coming together for the first time as a group. My hope for our class is that we can encourage and support each other through this unexpected school year that we’re facing. I focus on developing relationships that enable me to identify what each student needs to learn and excel.

I believe that an organized and structured classroom with clear expectations enables students to focus on learning and not worry about uncertainty or disorganization. We will work as a class to develop a set of expectations for behavior. If a student is struggling to keep an expectation I’ll have a one-on-one conversation to identify potential causes and find a solution. If the behavior continues, I’ll send an email home to fill in family members on what’s been occurring to keep you informed. A third incident will result in a TRACK correction ticket and possible a contact with Mrs. Bloomfield or Mrs. Carlson. However, if a student ever puts themselves or someone else in danger, this will result in an immediate visit to Mrs. Bloomfield and Mrs. Carlson.