Classroom Information

This year has been a unique year full of many events that we have had to problem solve our way through. My goal for this classroom is to develop a sense of normalcy for my students, their parents, and myself while keeping everyone safe and healthy. In this classroom, we will develop a strong community that supports and cares for one another. In order to do this, I expect all students to respect themselves, all teachers, and their peers.

All classroom rules and expectations will be determined as a whole class during the first week of school and enforced for the remainder of the year. If a student does not follow an expectation, I will have a private conversation with them to brainstorm ways to fix their behavior. If the behavior continues, I will be sending an email home explaining the problem and keeping you informed. A third incident will result in a TRACK correction ticket and a possible contact with Mrs. Bloomfield or Mrs. Carlson. If a student puts someone else or themselves in danger, this will result in an immediate visit to Mrs. Bloomfield and Mrs. Carlson.