Required  weekly homework: 
See student's planner.

Assignment Policy—5th grade

Fifth graders can have a maximum of 30 minutes of homework a day. The two reasons for having homework are to build responsible work habits and to reinforce what is being learned in school. These practices will be reflected in the “Work Habits” section of the Progress Report.  If your child reads every evening and practices their basic math facts, we guarantee it will make a difference in your child’s academic growth. Adequate time is provided during the day to finish daily assignments. . Occasionally, a special long-term project will be assigned. The intent of projects is for them to be completed during class time, so your student can get the help and support that they need. You may possibly see work for projects come home, if your student is not using his or her class time appropriately. 

  • Students are  RESPONSIBLE to record ALL assignments in planners daily. If students forget their assignments, the student WILL NOT be allowed to call home for a parent to drop it off.
  • You can expect up to 30 minutes of homework a night which may include, reading and math practice. The intent of homework is to be purposeful and at the student’s instructional level. If you notice that your child is working longer than 30 minutes a night, please contact your child’s teacher.
  • Work assigned to students will include: daily skills homework, unit projects, written reports, quizzes, and tests.  Often, larger assignments and assessments will have a help sheet, checklist, and/or rubric to guide students in the completion of the assignment or prepare for an assessment. 
  • Late work (except in the case of emergency or illness) will be accepted, however credit will decrease for every day the assignment is late. This will affect a student’s work habits score on progress reports if late homework becomes an issue with a student.